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Why our competitors download the Spotted Zebra Brand Workbook

Eric Groves

By Eric Groves

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. Well, I guess you could say we have been flattered over and over…and over again. Why? Our Spotted Zebra Branding Workbook has been downloaded thousands of times by our competitors. You could say we’re aiding the enemy. Dancing with the devil. Canoodling with the competitor. Whatever you want to call it, it happens basically every day; and here at Flying Hippo, we think it’s great. Crazy? Maybe. Building major brand credibility? Definitely.

First, a little background…

The Spotted Zebra Brand Workbook was designed to complement our workshop by the same name. The guide is downloadable for free on our website, in exchange for a bit of information about you, including name, email address, and answering a drop down question of what describes you best.

Once this form is filled out, we email the guide to your inbox. Spoiler alert: the offering of this guide is part of our own inbound marketing strategy.

The guide is broken up into three parts: your “IT,” your “ONE” and your “persona.” This download features some of our branding insight as well as exercises, like a card sorting activity which helps you zero-in on adjectives that best describe your brand voice, or what your brand voice aspires to be. By a landslide, the Spotted Zebra Workbook is our most valuable resource. If you feel so inclined, download it here and see it with your own eyeballs.

Why our competitors download it:

Of course, we can’t know exactly why our competitors download our free guide. But, sometimes they email us and tell us, which makes the mystery easier to solve than OJ Simpson and a well-fitting glove. Wait…that’s not right.

The point is, we’ve received many emails that have the same tune. They seem to go like the following: “Thanks for the download, I’m hosting a branding workshop tomorrow for a client, and this will be a great help.” It’s usually downloaded as a resource for themselves as they craft their own brand methodologies, or is simply downloaded to keep the pulse on what their competition is doing. Either way, we’re flattered.

Leading the branding pack:

Today, many marketing best practices change, sometimes daily. Getting the most out of SEO, different software and social media platforms are just a few pieces of the multi-faceted marketing landscape that you face today—and that you’ll have to keep up with if you want to be relevant tomorrow.

Luckily, our Spotted Zebra methodology has a much longer shelf life than many marketing tactics and trends. While, yes, employing these tactics is an important part of an overall strategy, branding remains king. When your marketing tactics are deployed, you will experience greater success and return on investment if you’ve invested in your brand first. Branding should be thought of as the center which you frame your strategy around. It should be treated as square one.

I’m proud that we’ve created a philosophy that other branding and marketing companies across the nation are taking cues from. For as many downloads as we’ve had, we’ve been able to not only share our information with competitors but also start the branding conversation with CEOs and brand managers all over the country. That makes it all worth it.

When it’s time to work with a branding partner and take your marketing to the next level, ask yourself whether you want to work with a company that pioneered a branding methodology, or one that downloaded someone else’s thoughts. Hopefully, when you look at your choices, you’ll see one with a coat of spots while everyone else has stripes, and your decision will be clear.

Let’s chat about your brand. No actual kicks to the groin, we promise.

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