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Graphic Designer

Extremely picky branding and digital agency looking for a similarly picky designer to join our team.

How you’ll know this job is for you:

  • You love everything about design and could do it day and night and never grow tired.
  • Your passion for great typography rivals that of Pepe’ Le Pew for Penelope.
  • Creativity isn’t optional — thinking differently is in your DNA.
  • You’re a team player. Collaborating with the Creative Director and/or Art Director through the design, production and implementation of all projects excites you.
  • Your planning and organization skills would make an ant jealous. (Lifting 20 times your body weight not required.)
  • You have a knowledge of web/interactive design and usability. (Responsive web design is like a fun puzzle to you, not a burden.)


  • Strong experience in Adobe CC. If you have some web dev chops too, that’s a bonus worth mentioning.
  • Strong written and oral presentation skills.


  • 4-year degree in Graphic Design

How To Apply:

Smart, passionate applicants should email their résumé and portfolio samples PDF or URL to jobs@flyinghippo.com (electronic files not to exceed 5MB). Only select candidates will be contacted.

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