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Web Development Director

Flying Hippo is looking for someone experienced and skilled at working with clients and developers alike to translate the ideas and needs of a client into concrete plans for developers to execute. This is an exciting position for people who enjoy client relationship building and managing multiple projects with a variety of creative and technical needs.

So what is this job actually like? You will work with a team of highly capable developers, account managers and creative team members to drive projects from concept to completion often involving every department at Flying Hippo.


You have built websites for years with varying languages and tools but you feel like you’d like to have greater influence on the process of bringing the projects to life as a whole.  Creative and technical problem solving is a must.

Working with the team to ensure that the scope and estimates for a project are clear and provide what the client needs is paramount. Ideally, in this position, you will guide the client through the process of research (including sitemap and wireframing), SEO, design, development testing and launch all while working diligently to ensure that all details are implemented in the design and function of the final product.


  • Being ready to get on the phone with a client whenever needed by the sales team to help instill confidence that Flying Hippo is at their service
  • Running meetings with clients to understand scope of website-related projects in order to develop scope
  • Develop and deliver website proposals
  • Creating General Scope (Being able to use broad strokes to accurately estimate many different types of website projects)
  • Work with the Account Managers to manage and develop a long-term client relationship
  • Take the general ballpark estimates and refining them, ultimately getting the client to sign-off and approve a project
  • Translate that list into actionable activities for FH teams to do (Often this involves meeting with the client in a series of meetings)
  • Some actionable activities include creating sitemaps, wireframes and milestone projections, updating scopes of work (including change orders)
  • Consistently meeting with developers and creative teams to ensure design and development accuracy per contract/scope of work
  • Weekly Reporting/Forecasting with AM’s and to the client (Especially TBD items)
  • Post-project Analysis
  • Customer Support Management with Development team
  • Admin Manual Creation and Training
  • Invoicing and Billing oversight for all web-related services including, hosting, customer support and 3rd party services


  • Deep understanding of WordPress and the Gutenberg Block system
  • Exceedingly high efficiency in task switching and the ability to constantly switch from macro to micro as needed and often
  • Attention to detail is a must
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Solid understanding of version control software such as GitLab is a plus
  • Solid understanding of DNS is a plus
  • 5+ Years in the field of web development
  • 5+ Consistent years of PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript development experience


To apply please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@flyinghippo.com. Selected candidates will be contacted.

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