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A beautiful sight

Once in a lifetime, you may get to catch sight of such an elusive and majestic creature fly south. You are among the only living souls to have witnessed this beautiful sight.

There are many things you may not expect to find in Iowa, other than corn and something important to do with elections. But then, there are many more unexpected but wonderful things, like Flying Hippo. And what do you expect to find in Florida, other than gators and retirees? Well, you also find Celsius Marketing.

Branding Excellence
Multimedia Marketing

What do you get when you combine branding excellence and multimedia marketing? That’s exactly what we’re excited to explore as Flying Hippo and Celsius Marketing come together as one. Together, we’re ready to tackle whatever the wilds bring us. When hippos fly, the sky is the limit. When things heat up, we measure the temperature in Celsius.

We’re ready to tackle whatever the wild brings us

Two Talented Teams

A powerhouse of creativity, strategy, and execution

Brand Strategy + Execution

Making a statement. Making a difference. Making your mark on the world.

Branded Spaces

Showcase your spots and stripes in your own natural environment, customized to you.

Custom Apps + Games

Come play with us. We'll show you how to unleash the power of apps in your business.

Multimedia Marketing

Join our adventures. Go beyond the ordinary with new kinds of communication.

Video Production + Animation

We create worlds where your audience isn’t just watching, they’re living in it.

Inbound Marketing

Your business can turn into a thriving, colorful world with our lively content.

Come follow us on this expedition

Next week, we will be hunting down the fabled and tricky Florida Man… Be sure to tune in.