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Rebranding your company has the potential to propel your organization, unlike any other investment you might make. Our rebranding agency has created this free calculator as a tool to help you get a general idea of the process and costs involved.

The Value of a Rebrand:

  • Attract the right customers
  • Attract top talent
  • Increase revenues and profit
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Create a distinct presence in the market

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Is your brand getting lost in a sea of sameness in your industry? March to your own beat and drum up more business.

How a Spotted Zebra Brand Can Give You A Huge Competitive Advantage

If you think it’s to dress sharper than horses, the answer is a resounding, “Nay!” Most ecologists believe that the stripes on Zebras protect them from predators when they’re blending in with the pack. Because when you blend in, it’s really tough to stand out. It’s a lifesaver for Zebras, but a death sentence for brands.

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Brand ROI: 7 Ways A Rebrand Can Skyrocket Your Bottom Line

Marketing is ‘how’ people find you. Branding is ‘why’ people buy. Successful brands know how to connect with the ‘why’. According to Forbes, the main benefit of branding tools, and reason to employ them, is to boost profits.

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Brand Science: Why Brands With Humor Outperform Their Competitors

Connecting with a brand is not different than any other relationship. You’re attracted to people who are engaging, likable and have a sense of humor. After all, who wants to hang out with someone who’s boring or only talks about themselves all the time? On the most basic level, something that connects us all is laughter.

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Be The Life Of The Party With Brand Storytelling

When it comes to brand storytelling, think of the last time you were with a group of people at a party. As you all mingled, who in the group was everyone most attracted to? Sure, the handsome hunks and beautiful babes certainly got some attention, and the people who were loud and downright annoying got some brief head turns, too. But if you really think about it, it was the person with the most engaging personality that people flocked to.

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Rebranding ebook

FREE EBook: The Ultimate Guide to Rebranding Your Company

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Rebranding your business is challenging. But if done right, it has the power to elevate your business above your pack of competitors, attract the right kinds of customers and employees, and dramatically improve your bottom line. 

This FREE EBook provides a comprehensive overview of the rebranding process — from discovery to rollout — and answers many of the questions going through your head. “How do I find the right agency? How do I get employees to buy-in? What’s it going to cost?” This guide has it covered.

The Ultimate Guide To Rebranding Your Company will help you:

  • Create a Spotted Zebra brand
  • Understand the rebranding process
  • Find the right agency
  • Create buy-in with your employees
  • Assemble your rebranding team
  • Establish a great relationship with your agency
  • Lead your team from the top
  • Create an efficient decision-making process
  • Understand cost and ROI
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