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The Business of Brand: How Rebranding Will Help You Attract The Best Talent

Eric Groves

By Eric Groves

It’s Time to Fix Your Brand. Indeed.

Are you pumping out job openings on Indeed and LinkedIn and just not attracting the right employees? It probably has less to do about the job you’re offering and more to do with the brand you’re presenting.

When you are trying to attract talent, the first impression applicants form of your company happens in a split second, and if your brand fails to connect immediately, like a hummingbird checking out the hollyhocks, they’re off to the next opportunity.

In today’s digital world, the first place an applicant will go to check out your company is your website. Take an honest look. Is it engaging and full of personality or is it typical, boring and uninteresting? If the latter, it’s time to make a change — pronto!

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It’s A Fact. Brands With Personality Attract The Best Talent.

Having an attractive brand that oozes personality will attract top talent. The Journal of Organizational Effectiveness found that employee satisfaction and engagement were directly related to their employer’s brand image. According to The Guardian, career development/progression and the employer’s brand are two of the biggest factors when people are choosing an employer.

So, what can you do to separate yourself from the others in your pack? How can you add personality and raise the attractiveness of your brand so that people are intrigued and compelled to reach out to you instead of your competitors? That, my friend, is the power of brand. Great brands know how to do this, and by building what we refer to as a Spotted Zebra™ brand, you’ll move your attractive meter from so-so to great.

Rebrand. Recruitment. Real results.

We worked with a company called Holmes Murphy — a creative, forward-thinking insurance brokerage firm that wanted to attract creative, forward-thinking talent. The problem was their
brand was boring and mundane and they knew they needed a rebrand.

The rebrand touched every aspect of their communications and marketing initiatives. Included in the project was a new identity and personality, a website with friendly, humorous messaging, engaging images to differentiate from word-spewing competitor sites, strong videos void of boring insurance jargon, collateral pieces, brochures, and more.

When we designed their website, we dedicated a “There’s No Place Like Holmes” recruitment webpage that showcased job opportunities and displayed the fun Holmes Murphy lifestyle to get applicants excited.

Since that time, they regularly hear from people (and even competitors) that their brand is the gold standard in the market.


Their company now sits at the “cool table” in the industry and almost everyone wants to sit at it.

It’s Time to Step Up Your Brand Game

Creating a Spotted Zebra brand is one of your most powerful strategies to attract and retain the best talent. So, let’s step up your brand game and watch as top talent comes knocking at your door. Wouldn’t that be great? Indeed.

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Eric Groves is Founder and Creative Director of Flying Hippo Brand + Digital. Should you decide it’s time to take your brand to another level, please reach out for a free consultation.

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