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It’s time to stand out from the pack.

Brand development. Be a spotted zebra.

Spotted Zebra Branding Workshop

What does it mean to be a Spotted Zebra? It’s a branding philosophy which centers around one idea — when everyone else in your landscape has stripes, you need to have spots. We’re not talking small specs of discolored fur in between your stripes. We’re telling you that your coat needs to be gloriously covered in polka dots. Full-blown dottery. A circular-spotted wonder. And we know that trading in your coat is easier said than done.

But don’t slink into brand depression or despair! Our Spotted Zebra Workshop has been meticulously designed to discover the core meaning behind your brand. Then, we build your new brand around these core ideas to create a compelling, meaningful company that makes customers flock to you.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal because it is. This workshop is the first step in creating a brand that connects emotionally, tells great stories and resonates with your customers.

Maybe trading in your stripes for spots isn’t so hard after all?

Brand Strategy

It’s not a good idea to take a blind stab in the dark at your branding and hope it sticks. You probably shouldn’t be stabbing anything in the dark, it’s just an inherently dangerous activity. But definitely not your brand.

The strategy we take with your brand is rooted in our discovery process. By working with you in this process, we will help discover and define the identity, persona, and voice that will be irresistible to your perfect customers (“The One”). Aside from the eye-opening, kick-butt-interactive workshop, you will uncover emotional connections and brand truths that separate you from your competitors. In fact, we find your “it,” “one” and persona.

Branding connects your it with your ones.

IT – “IT” is short for “Why does it matter?” If you can answer that question in a way that moves beyond a literal description of what you do, and into meaning, you are on your way to the foundation of a potentially powerful brand.

ONE – Every brand has an ideal customer. But, how do you reach them? You have to understand their personality, their traits and their budget. We’ll help you find your perfect target.

PERSONA – How does your brand look, act and feel? When you’re trying to reach your ideal customer, you will have to appeal to them with the right style, voice and behavior.

A clear strategy is the first step to revitalizing or creating your brand. And it’s much safer than running around and stabbing things in the dark.


Let’s chat about your brand. No actual kicks to the groin, we promise.

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