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It’s time to create a knockout brand

Around here, normal is considered a disease. Average is the enemy. In fact, the only thing we conform to is non-conformity. Why? Because bland brands blend in. With millions of brands vying for attention, it’s essential that you stand out from the pack. And in a land of zebras, you don’t do that by showing your stripes. You do it by flaunting your spots. A shiny coat gloriously covered in full-blown dottery. Authentic, irresistible and uniquely yours.

The Ideal Flying Hippo Client

1. Understands the value that excellent branding brings to their organization
2. Is looking to build a brand that stands out from the pack
3. Has an annual budget of $100K-$1M for branding/marketing
4. Desires an ongoing branding and marketing partner
5. Has an internal brand champion driving the brand from the top down
6. Has a lean, empowered decision-making process
7. Has a diverse set of needs (branding, digital marketing, video, apps/software, etc.)
8. Nice people to work with

If the list above mostly describes who you are then we would love to discuss how we might work together. C’mon. Let’s move beyond the safety and sameness of your peers and give ordinary the one-two punch it deserves.


Let’s chat about your brand. No actual kicks to the groin, we promise.

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