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Jones Technical Institute


J-Tech originally partnered with us to develop their brand prior to officially opening their doors. This involved everything from the ground up including, but not limited to: logo, colors, fonts, brand voice, creation of video for internal and external advertising, content marketing, digital advertising, and most importantly building a website.

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1. Our Objectives

  • ReLead generation to fill student cohorts
  • Lead nurturing to ensure that leads were communicated with if initial interest didn’t result in enrollment
  • Assist J-Tech in building a student population at their school
  • Brand awareness in the local community and throughout the Southeastern part of the United States
  • Brand positioning to convey thought leadership
  • Planning and execution an effective media buying strategy
  • Design and develop creative assets that remain fresh and engaging with the target audiences
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J-Tech originally partnered with us to develop their brand as well as planning and implementing a cohesive marketing strategy. These efforts, combined with dedication to excellence at J-Tech, has led to sizable enrollment growth.

2. Our Strategy

  • Initial local, state, and regional research was conducted with focused analytics to determine potential market segmentation, as to target the most optimum population centers.
  • Provide J-Tech a scalable multi-channel marketing solution that can grow alongside the school, as the number of students, and marketing budget grows. To accomplish this, we ramped up our efforts gradually as the client was ready for more growth. Each year we are seeing record numbers of leads and enrollments; this trend continued through the COVID-19 pandemic. Albeit, not without shifts in strategy.
  • Along with the marketing and advertising strategy, a creative strategy was put in place, and then upgraded and modified over time with the advancement of technology.
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3. Key Outcomes

  • Campaign execution and implementation included a variety of media formats and marketing channels, including social media campaigns, various digital ad campaigns, digital streaming ad campaigns, SEO efforts etc.
  • Lead flow has increased year over year by 21.8% each year over the last five years
  • Increase in student enrollment and population by an average of 17.4% year over year over the last four years
  • Moved client from being known as only a local institution, to a state and regionally recognized institution throughout the southeastern part of the United States
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