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Brands We Like: Beardbrand

Ryan Parlee

By Ryan Parlee

We’ve been following the success story of Beardbrand for the last few months, and it’s been impressive. They have grown as an online retailer of beard-care products into a much larger lifestyle brand that has attracted and fostered a community of beard enthusiasts.

Their growth comes at the right time, as facial hair for men has become more popular in recent months. And, the mysticism surrounding a great beard has never been higher; Internet memes and commercials have turned a beard into a thing of nobility.


Just looking at the logo and tagline of Beardbrand tells you so much. Even though the name is descriptive, it’s still creative in its approach (compared to other brands in the category/market).

And, the way things are phrased is certainly no accident. “Style” is the first word of their tagline — a key component to their identity. It’s not products or care; they are literally identifying themselves as vendors of style. “Urban beardsman” is almost its own language. It’s an identity that tells you everything about who this brand is made by, who it was created for, and what it means for them; if you don’t understand what an “urban beardsman” is, then you clearly aren’t one. That’s the message they send.


Take a look at the photography they use for their products. It’s warm and rugged; with dark colors and fine textures given extra emphasis.

Also, notice that they offer an entire category of products that they call “Lifestyle”. What does that mean? What is an “urban beardsman” lifestyle? This seems strange when you consider it objectively. But, being an “urban beardsman” is more than just growing a beard. It’s an identity that comes with a specific outlook on life, hobbies, interests, and — most importantly — style.


Something as simple as a tube of mustache wax is given dramatic treatment. The style feels powerful and hyper-masculine, which serves as a nod to the cultural appeal of beards as an indication of manliness.


Beardbrand has built a community around their brand. Not only do they have their store, but they’ve extended into social media outlets to grow their audience and serve as arbiters for bearded culture. In the screen shot above, you can see their Tumblr page which mimics the simple styling of their own site, with images that reflect not just having beards but also the rugged and manly lifestyle (if not ironically) that their brand is built around.


Beardbrand also uses Instagram to cultivate their following. Here, again, they focus more on the lifestyle of their own species rather than just their products.

Overall, they have built a cult-like audience of beardsmen and beard-lovers alike. Their presence has spread throughout the web as they advocate for their tribe.

Check out more at their site, Beardbrand.com.



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