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Brands We Like: Shiner

Eric Groves

By Eric Groves

We’re big fans of beer around here. And, one of our favorites appeals to both our sense of taste and also sight. Shiner has some of the most beautiful package designs, brewed from a strong and authentic brand story that revels in the simplicity of a tiny town brewery that’s found international success.


Shiner has found its place in the beer cooler by bucking the splashy, in-you-face graphics of the megabrewers. Instead, it makes up for its lack of flash with attention to detail and typography. Each of their labels carries the weight of a brand of humble beginnings; intricate shapes and earthy tones take the simple design to the next level.shiner-texas-city

The entire brand is built around their hometown of Shiner, TX. As you probably expect, this isn’t exactly a major metropolitan area. But, they aren’t ashamed of their heritage. Instead, they use their namesake town as a positive mental association. The Shiner brand is built on the same rugged, wholesome ideals that you expect from small-town life.shiner-website-footer

Shiner is not only proud of its small-town roots, but it’s fiercely independent. The bottom of their website — and their bottles — make a simple but unmistakable proclamation and promise: “Every drop of Shiner is brewed in Shiner, Texas.” With the recent rash of craft beer buy outs by big players like AB-InBev, this short sentence says way more about the company than its eight words might indicate.shiner_-book

Shiner has also extended its brand beyond beer, sharing its story through a book created for the brand’s mega-fans. As with other great brands, we see that the brand itself is powerful — separate of the actual product — when there is an intimate relationship with customers.

We love Shiner not just for their suds — although it certainly doesn’t hurt — but because they have found a real way to share their story with customers. Cheers to that.

Check out more at Shiner.com.



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