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Branding Lessons from a 4-Year-Old

Eric Groves

By Eric Groves

Although I’m a supposed “expert” in branding, it occurred to me the other day that my son Quincy actually had a terrific handle on key branding concepts as a young boy – in fact, he had it down to a science when he was a mere toddler. 

Here, from a 4-year old’s point of view, are some key branding insights that may help you with your own branding efforts.

Know who you are

I know exactly who I am and my position in the family. I am the son of two older people who can give me everything I need. I am also the younger brother of two very selfish sisters who have a lot of things I want. I am the CEO (chief emitter of obnoxiousness) of my own little world. 

Know your message

My message is clear, “I want it and I want it right now!”  Plug in anything for “it”, it doesn’t really matter. In everything I communicate, my message is loud and clear. Definitely loud. 

Know your audience

I have two key audiences: 1) Mom and Dad (they have all the money), and 2) My older sisters  (they have all the “stuff”). I use different strategies with each of them. Obviously, my sisters are not very smart and must be treated entirely differently than my parents. 

Know your strategy

My main communication strategy is to use “direct wail” . With it I have achieved amazing results. Loud, shrill-pitched screams, complete with animation and special-effects are particularly effective. I use other tactics as well, but this has proven very effective to meet my objectives.

The Results

I must say that my branding efforts have provided a very handsome ROI. Stop by my office (bedroom) sometime and you will quickly see the bounty. A recent example is the glow-in-the-dark skeleton that greets you at the door. This sweet object of desire was secured by direct wailing, combined with some awesome special effects – a steady flow of tears, strategically placed kicks to the shopping cart and a dramatic shriek of “Don’t beat me, momma!” in a crowded check-out line – and Skelly was in the bag! 

This is just one of numerous branding success stories I could share. The key is, be consistent, be creative and be bold! You’ll see results.

A branding exercise designed to separate your brand from all of the others.

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