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What Does Your Mating Dance Look Like?

Scott Helms

By Scott Helms

There is a great video I saw the other day of a male Bird of Paradise in the depths of a South American jungle attempting to woo a female with his mating dance. The dance was full of stunning visual displays, unique verbal expressions and physical gyrations that would make Jagger jealous.

I’m not a bird, but from all appearances, it was magnificent!

Apparently, the female felt differently —  in the end, despite his best efforts —it wasn’t magnificent enough. Something just didn’t quite connect, and off she went, deep into the jungle in search of something more.

Branding is very much like this mating dance.

Just like that female bird, prospects are carefully inspecting you and your competitors as they consider who they want to commit to. 

As with nature’s dance, there is a visual, verbal and experiential component to your brand dance.

There are three primary components of this dance:

1 / Brand voice

2 / Brand style

3 / Brand behavior

When they work together, this dance leaves a lasting impression — good, bad or indifferent. 

Those who do the dance best win, and those who don’t can only watch in dismay as prospects (and former clients) fly off to find what they’re looking for. Every interaction (touchpoint) you have with prospects and customers, is an opportunity to either enhance or take away from the attractiveness of your brand. All of your touchpoints need to be carefully and intentionally crafted to appeal to those you are trying to woo. 

How’s your dance? Are you magnificent enough? Does your voice resonate clearly and uniquely above the others in your forest? How about your style? Are you the most attractive bird in the trees? Are you making all the right moves so that your brand behavior is unforgettable and irresistible?   

If you answered no to these questions, its time to step up your brand game. When you do, you’ll reap the rewards of a dance well done. 



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