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From HTML and CSS to KPI and CTA: Flying Hippo is a Digital Agency

Ryan Parlee

By Ryan Parlee

When we first started this company, the web was a much simpler place.

Boy, how times have changed.

Back then, many brands were still apprehensive to invest in websites, development meant hard-coding a few pages in pure HTML (including tables. Ugh.), and only a certain percentage of Americans had high-speed Internet access — no one had a 4G connection in their pocket.

Today, a brand without a great website — and a Facebook page, and search optimization, and a mobile site, and a million other possible tools — seems as though it doesn’t even exist.

Admittedly, we’ve sort of let our own web presence go by the wayside. It’s been a victim, of sorts, of our continued growth as a company.

But, while we may have been a bit (okay, a lot) behind on updating our own website (see photo below of that beauty), we’ve never lost sight of the newest digital strategies and web technologies. We’ve continued to design and develop award-winning websites for all of our clients.


(Plus, at least our last website was still an upgrade from the original version. What’s that saying about a cobbler’s children, again? See below.)


The launch of our new website doesn’t just mark a long-overdue face lift for Flying Hippo. Web design and web standards will forever be changing, and there’s a decent chance that we may fall behind on keeping our own site up to date. (Again.)

But, what will never change is the need for brands to rise up to meet business challenges, build engagement, and capture market share. So, with this new website we also mark our transformation. From a development shop, we have now become a full-service digital agency that provides comprehensive strategic and creative marketing services.

Content strategy, inbound marketing, social media, branding, and advertising are the business solutions of a digital-first world. And, we’ve evolved to help our clients in all of these areas. (Plus, we still build the best web experiences around.)

We’ve become strategic partners — problem solvers, in a larger sense. We’re focused on the same goals as our clients; their success is our success.

So, with that, we are happy to unveil our new website and our new direction.

With our commitment to the power of creativity and technology (plus a few new skills), we’re poised to take on even the biggest marketing and business challenges. Bring it on.


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