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Fishy Business: How to Hook Your Leads

Eric Groves

By Eric Groves

Advertising is a lot like fishing. You cast your line out into the water hoping that something bites. There are dozens of different fishing lures, rods and baits out there, but which should you use to reel in the best catch?

When it comes to advertising, one of the dilemmas you must tackle is whether to use traditional or digital tactics. What is going to be the most effective way to get your target hooked?

To find the most irresistible hook for your ideal catch, we begin by approaching each company’s situation as a unique, personalized problem to solve. Digital and traditional advertising methods are important and each have their time and place to be effective. Generally, in today’s market, investing some of your budget’s resources into digital advertising is a must. Using a digital strategy allows companies to narrow and focus their advertising efforts to a more specific, targeted audience. That being said, we aren’t of the mindset that everything should be digital.

Traditional media is still important and effective. Billboard, radio and TV ads are successful mediums to spread your message and brand if the goal is to build broad awareness.  Building large scale brand awareness helps companies with products that appeal to the masses – like retail brands.

Think of using traditional advertising tactics as if you are casting a net. You are going to catch a lot more fish this way, but not all of the fish in your net are going to be the catches you’re looking for. Now, let’s imagine digital advertising as if you are fishing with a single lure. Sure, you won’t catch nearly as many fish, but the fish you do catch are going to be the ones you want.

Casting a Net (Traditional Tactics)

One recent example of building brand awareness quickly with traditional advertising is the opening of a new Duluth Trading Company location. Suddenly you were hearing radio ads and seeing billboards promoting the new store location. They used traditional advertising tactics to quickly get the word out to the masses. A company like this can cast a large net and hope that they will capture some of the fish lurking out there.  Even though a lot of the fish in their net will not care about Duluth Trading Company, catching the few who do care is valuable for them.

Casting a Single Lure (Digital Tactics)

With some companies it’s best to forget about casting a big net and getting a high quantity of fish, and instead focus on casting a single lure and catching the right fish.

We have worked with an RV dealership for the last year and a half and, for them, investing in digital advertising and inbound marketing is money well spent. We knew that inbound marketing was a good fit for this client because they were looking to bring in sales-qualified leads.  In the case of the RV dealer, the leads brought in by inbound marketing practices have provided them with big numbers and have had a positive effect on their bottom line.

It is important to remember to be patient for these sales qualified leads to come along. When you cast your lure out into the water, the right fish doesn’t instantly bite- you must have patience and consistency.

It’s tough to decide whether you need to be fishing with a net or a single lure to catch the right fish. The good news is we have experience with both. On a case-by-case basis, we will create the best marketing plan for the situation. Sometimes that means it’s best to mix advertising tactics that appeal to a broad audience and the single buyer. Are you ready to cast your line? Download our brand workbook below.


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