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Don’t Be A Helicopter Marketer: How Often You Should Check Analytics

Flying Hippo

By Flying Hippo

You’re brimming with excitement.  All those months of planning, strategizing, designing and developing are finally about to pay off.  The new site, marketing plan, and that new inbound strategy is complete with tons of gated content – it’s all ready to fly.  You’ve made sure that your automated marketing system is all set and your analytics will be available. It’s time to launch, and you can’t wait to see the new leads and visitors that are about to come your way.

But, what if no one visits day one?  What if no one downloads that eBook by the time tomorrow morning comes? Should you panic and pivot right away? The obvious answer to that is a resounding “NO!” But, it does bring up an interesting topic that we often discuss here at the agency.  

So, how often should you check your site’s traffic?  How frequent should you measure the open and click through rates for your emails or your calls to action?  

We know it sounds tempting.  As a matter of fact, we’ve done it.  We’ve succumbed to the analytics addiction ourselves.  But, it’s a slippery slope my friend. When you spend every waking minute staring at the monitor, oohing and ahhing when a unique visitor clicks on your site or downloads an eBook, you’re not making the most of your time.  Not to mention, you’ve formulated a plan that involved a ton of strategizing and research, so you should stick to it (for now, at least.)  All that time hovering over your stats dashboard could, instead, be devoted to cranking out some new remarkable content, like a killer new blog or video that could help generate the traffic that you’re so obsessed over.  

We suggest you check analytics once a week, some monthly.  But, don’t worry, if you really want to check on things every day, there are a couple of metrics that you could dive into.  Let’s take a look at some measurements and just how often you should be checking in.

Weekly Worthy

  1. Calls To Action – Measure your CTA’s click-through rates to optimize your website and conversion locations.  Are some working better than others?
  2. Blogs – Check on your overall blog performance to see what topics are bringing an audience to your website.  The topics that have the most traction can help you determine what to base your content development calendar around the next time you plan.
  3. Campaign Effectiveness – Knowing the amount of leads and conversions that have been occurring across all of your promotional efforts can help you tweak your plan and point it in the right direction if it’s going off course.

Daily Dives

    1. Visits – By looking at the number of daily visits to your website, you’ll be able to fix anything that may have caused significant losses in traffic.
    2. Leads – Knowing the amount of leads will give your team a snapshot of just how many qualified visitors are clicking on your site.

Monthly Measures

  1. Social Media – Checking in on the amount of followers you’ve gained (or lost) will help determine any changes needed in the way you use Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.
  2. Emails – By examining a month’s worth of emails, you’ll be able to drill down and see what CTAs are more effective than others and what style subject lines are creating clicks.   

Of course, besides these daily, weekly and monthly measurements, one of the most important numbers to look at is your return on investment from your all of your moving marketing pieces.  You’ll want to do this at the end of each campaign to justify or modify your investments.

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