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Video: The Importance of Video

Flying Hippo

By Flying Hippo

We sat down at the keyboard to write a blog post about the importance of video and we had a stunning realization: writing about the importance of video is like playing a trumpet to show how important being a doctor is.

Video is undoubtedly the best way to engage your audience in a creative way and present statistics in a manner that keeps them glued to the screen. So we made this video to show off some killer stats.


Jesse: How are we going to do a video blog about the importance of video? I mean, how are we even going to make that cool?

Director: Watch your mic! Cut, cut! We’re going to need some fill light right over here, we’re going to need some makeup…who’s doing hair?

Craft Services: Water?

Jesse: What’s going on here?

Craft Services: This? This is the behind-the-scenes shoot of the video. You know, why video is important?

Eric: Hey Jesse, I need to talk to you, man.

Jesse: Yeah?

Eric: This video stuff is really important—you know that. You’re in charge of that for Flying Hippo, and we’ve got to do it right and we’ve got to push this stuff, so just don’t screw it up, alright?

Jesse: Don’t screw it up? I mean, I’m not even ready yet! Ok, I’ve got to get some stats on this. Let’s see…

Director: Hey, we need to get a one-sheet with those stats. Like, ASAP. He’s not going to remember the line.

Rachel: Jesse, it’s not hard. 46 percent of users take action after watching a video. 46 percent.

Sound Guy: That’s almost half.

Jesse: Ok, if I include video on my site are people more likely to understand what my company does? Hey Drew, I’ve got a question on this stat.

Drew: Yes.

Jesse: Can you explain it to me?

Drew: After watching a video online, viewers are 74 percent more likely to understand what your company does.

Sound Guy: That’s like 7 out of 10. Or 3 out of 4.

Jesse: Who’s even going to watch this video? Me, standing in front of a white screen just like every other boring agency video.

Director: Dude, 45 percent. 45 percent of Internet users are likely to watch a video while online.

Sound Guy: That’s almost half again!

Director: Do you even have that one-sheet?

Jesse: I have the one-sheet right here! Let’s do this! Wait, I just have one more question: why do you guys all have moustaches?


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