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Video Production: Expect the Unexpected

Flying Hippo

By Flying Hippo

What do you get when you mix biking trails that extend for miles, a beautiful flowing river, the natural wild beauty of a nature conservancy and a video production crew? An awesome Whiterock promotional video! And, as an added bonus, we get to ditch the dark editing suite for some sweet sunlight.

Working with Whiterock Conservancy rocked! Puns aside, we were thrilled to create Whiterock Conservancy’s new promotional video. We love being on shoots, but when the shoot is at a stunning 5,500-acre nature conservancy packed with 30 plus miles of trails- we enjoy it even more. Hopping on our bikes and going for a ride, or grabbing a kayak and paddling down Middle Raccoon River was very tempting while we were at Whiterock. This conservancy is truly an asset to the state of Iowa, and is one of the best-kept secrets.

The goal of this video is to increase the amount of visitors and awareness of Whiterock, and we are extremely proud to be chosen to complete it. From scouting to post, we found ourselves having a blast working on each phase of this project. The production of this video was enhanced by working with great people both in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes.

We love gigs that force us outside the scope of what we normally do, and this one did just that. With remote locations, this video had a lot of hiking was involved. We packed up our lenses, batteries and stands and extended our equipment list to include bug spray and sunscreen. We would ride Gators into the trail areas, but the Gator could only go so far until we had to pack up our gear and hike into the area we wanted to film. This project also gave us the opportunity to utilize new equipment. Thanks to our drone operator Jon Locker, this video features work done with a DGI Phantom 3 professional drone.

With any shoot, you have to be prepared for the unexpected. While we were filming, one of our advanced mountain bikers took a hard spill on the trail. Luckily he wasn’t injured, but his tire was. He had popped his front tire and had to hike all the way back to his car to repair it. Aside from this fall, the shoot went flawlessly.

We want Whiterock to go from one of Iowa’s best-kept secrets to being one of the most visited conservancies in the area. Take a look at the video, and next time you have the urge to mountain bike or kayak, be sure to get out to Whiterock and experience the beauty yourself!

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