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Business Critical: OSX Yosemite Rolls Out, Comic-Con Dishes Dough

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By Flying Hippo

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OSX Yosemite Rolls Out to the Public

Mac fans and design nerds: get ready. Mac OSX 10.10 was released to the public as a beta version on Thursday, and the updates Apple made look gorgeous.

Nicknamed “Yosemite” – after the park in Apple’s home state of California, not the gun-totin’ varmint hater – OSX 10.10 offers one of the more dramatic design shifts since its inception back in 1999. The changes are thoroughly steeped in great design and further correlation with iOS.


The first thing most users notice is the design, which strongly parallels the flat look of iOS 7. The notification center also gets a refresher and placement in a more convenient location than in previous versions, and Safari is clawing its way to relevancy by introducing synchronized browsing between mobile and desktop versions.

Overall, the continuity between mobile and desktop is what users will appreciate the most. Users can download the free update on the App Store, but caveat emptor: it’s still in beta for a reason, and some programs may not play nice.

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Cashing in on Comic-Con

This weekend self-proclaimed geeks will flock to Comic-Con San Diego. Even though the event ends on July 27, lasting only four days, brands will spend millions to get noticed among the sea of homespun superheroes. The event features previews of TV shows, movies, mangas, comics, games and more.

Between star-studded question-and-answer sessions and events with the best creators in the business, brands have resulted to some pretty interesting tactics to get noticed. Pizza Hut, with the help of Paramount Pictures, is debuting a 12-foot-tall pizza thrower designed to take down Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle foes. Unfortunately, it’s not going to launch real pizza, but Pizza Hut will have samples available.

Twentieth Century Fox has planned a Comic-Con takeover to promote the Simpson’s marathon on their FXX channel in August. A giant recreation of Homer’s head, the “Homer Dome,” will host games, free food and even a Guinness World Record attempt for the most contributions to a paint-by-number.

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