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Flying hippo + Celsius Marketing

Two teams coming together? What a catch!

We’re excited to announce that we have merged with Celsius Marketing | Interactive out of Fort Myers and Tampa Bay, Florida. Flying Hippo’s depth of brand strategy, environmental design, and digital/video expertise is greatly enhanced by Celsius Marketing’s digital marketing prowess. Combined, our roster now has more than 40 talented employees in two locations.

The story of our merger actually began when Eric Groves and JP Smith first met as kids growing up together in Boone, Iowa. As fate would have it, their paths crossed again over 40 years later and now the next chapter begins.

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  • Bringing the two companies together is a really cool story. JP and I grew up together in the same small Iowa town, and similar influences forged our values and character. Coming together professionally decades later wasn’t something either of us was looking for, but it became obvious it was something that was meant to be. The synergies between the two companies are amazing.”


    Eric Groves

    Principle, Flying Hippo Brand + Digital

    What began one evening as a “let’s catch up” conversation moved into weekly conversations. After several weeks and months, the ‘what-ifs’ started happening. After eighteen months of meticulous planning, Eric and I are bringing our two teams together to build something bigger and better. It’s pretty cool to think that we played baseball in the same little league, walked the same hallways during high school, and forty years later, our two successful agencies are now becoming one.”


    JP Smith

    Principle, Celsius Marketing | Interactive

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