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Video: Flying Hippo Bags National Hubspot Impact Award

Ryan Parlee

By Ryan Parlee

For this round of Hubspot Impact Awards, we brought home the hardware! This award was earned for all the work we’ve done fueling up inbound marketing with great design for our client, Good Life RV. We’re proud that our inbound marketing work is award-worthy, and we’re even more proud that we can bring real results to our clients. So let’s pop the hood and see what went into creating real inbound impact.

Slow down there tiger. What’s an impact award anyway?

Hubspot, a huge inbound marketing automation company, awards inbound agencies if they have provided their clients with exceptional results. There are six categories that you can enter, and we submitted two of Good Life’s e-books into the design category. I mean, we knew these books looked smoother than a set of frameless windows on a travel trailer, but we wanted to know if Hubspot thought so too. As it turns out, they did!

Click here to see the award-winning Inbound Case Study!


As Hubspot describes it, the Graphic Design Award celebrates an amazing graphic that an agency creates for a client, such as a unique website banner, logo, video or infographic. Because of our extensive graphic design work for Good Life, which included creating a brand new logo and identity system, we knew that we had a lot to fuel this category’s fire.

How did the rubber meet the road?

Alright, we’ll quit patting ourselves on the back now and tell you what you care about:how working with a creative agency is imperative to inbound marketing success.

Typical inbound marketing revolves around churning out content, making sure it’s SEO’d to every inch of its life and then having a potential customer trade their information to gain access to the valuable content. The more content and SEO, the better!

At Flying Hippo, we like to roll down the inbound road a little differently by relying on powerful creative and branding as well as the traditional inbound offerings. We believe great creative is what makes inbound marketing work harder for our clients. While creating a robust library of content and building an effective inbound strategy are huge parts of what makes inbound successful, branding and graphic design are what pushes it into overdrive – providing more results and working harder for our clients.

That’s why we uniquely approach each gated content piece that we create for our inbound marketing clients. We bring together high-level creative and individually designed ideas and layouts. And, we create all of our inbound marketing pieces with the larger brand in mind, because we know that brand extension and consistency is so important. In order to create lovable content that not only educates and nurtures potential leads, we take a somewhat nontraditional inbound approach by infusing it with our core branding principles.

So forget about the chicken dinner. These hippo winners would rather get around the campfire and have a super-sized s’more since these inbound results are so sweet.


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