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Is Your Advertising Agency Too Big? Take a Lesson from Goldilocks.

Eric Groves

By Eric Groves

As Goldilocks brings a spoon of the first steaming bowl of porridge to her lips, she exclaims, “This porridge is too hot!” Marching over to the next bowl, she says disappointedly, “This porridge is too cold.” Hesitantly trying the third bowl, she satisfactorily sighs, “This porridge is just right.”

It’s OK to be Goldilocks.

We all know her story, and marketers especially understand the need for something that fits “just right.” When it comes to branding and marketing, you’re allowed to be picky, and your agency partner should embrace the necessity of finding the right fit to serve your business exactly like it deserves and demands. Don’t get stuck in a relationship rut with agencies that aren’t focused on you and your goals (or give you consistently crappy creative). It’s time to upgrade to “just right.”

This agency is too big.

With large advertising agencies that sport multi-million dollar accounts, clientele with smaller budgets can quickly become an afterthought. It’s not far-fetched to imagine that if you’re a small fish in a big pond. Your big agency might view you something like this: “Hmmmm, a $150,000 customer? One of our account managers will get around to them when they have time.” (Okay, they might never say this out loud, but we all know and feel when we’re not a priority.) Is it really worth your time and money to invest in an expensive one-sided relationship? More importantly, do you really want to invest your valuable company time, money and energy with an agency that doesn’t put you first?

You want and need big creative without the ridiculous big agency prices, and we’ll let you in on a secret. Mid-size agencies are better equipped to give you the attention a respectable partner should (not to mention better quality creative without those absurdly outrageous layers in place). Don’t settle for an agency that charges big bucks to treat you like a bottom of the barrel client. Trust your brand to a fit that’s “just right.”

Just so you know, you can break up with your agency. It’s OK. If you lost that spark with one another, you both deserve better.

This agency is too small.

Small boutique agencies know how to treat their clients and commit themselves to great relationships. The problem though, is that they don’t have the resources to deliver the results you need. Whether it’s the contacts to obtain appropriate reach for your campaign or the manpower to execute fantastic creative on time, every time – an agency that’s too small just won’t fit the bill for your overall branding and marketing needs. You need the personal relationship a small agency can provide, but you need a dependable team to produce the results you and your c-suite expect!

The reality is, you’re stuck in the middle – too big for a boutique studio, but too small to get the attention you need and deserve from a big agency. No need to fear Goldilocks! A mid-size agency can give you the best of both worlds with a wider-reaching network, access to more resources and uncompromising dedication to creativity.

This agency is just right!

With a mid-size advertising agency, you know that you’ll always get the A-team. The thing is, there’s nowhere to hide. The team’s individuals are carefully chosen and each brings a unique, necessary skill set to the table for your brand. From designers and developers to strategists and copywriters, this meticulous selection means you get only alpha talent and nothing less, giving you the best creative money can buy (without needing to crack open your shiny pink piggy bank).

A creative director will always have a direct role in your project, regardless of your budget (a candid, personal relationship you typically won’t find in big agency life). That’s the great thing about working with the right fit: big or small, you are entitled to a distinct brand and stellar creative. You know you’re a fantastic organization! You just need a little help telling your story so everyone else knows it too.

Let Flying Hippo be your “just right.”

If you’ve been thinking about changing agencies because the porridge isn’t quite right, we’d encourage you to give us a look. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with stellar creative at a better price than large agencies while providing the personal touch of a boutique shop.

You can be assured we’re a “just right” fit for your organization if you fit the following criteria:

  • You place a high value on your brand
  • You understand the role that great creative execution plays in differentiating your brand from the pack
  • You have an annual branding/marketing budget of between $150,000–$600,000
  • You have a dedicated marketing person with power to make internal branding and marketing decisions
  • You are looking for a team of experts to help build your brand long-term
  • You’re nice to work and practice good hygiene (after all, nobody likes to work with stinkers!)


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