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Brands We Like: Nest

Ryan Parlee

By Ryan Parlee

Even before their recent acquisition by Google, we had been long-time admirers of the Nest brand.

If you’re unfamiliar with the company (which seems unlikely now, after the $3.2 billion deal), their mission is fairly straightforward: To revolutionize the way that common household controls function through better technology.

Their first product, the Nest Thermostat is beautiful, simple design, but awe-inspiring in its complexity. The thermostat not only offers the smarts of other programmable thermostats on the market, but it is actually intelligent. It learns the routine of its users, making adjustments to the temperature of a space throughout the day to coincide with normal use and occupancy.

PHotograph of the Nest Thermostat installed in a home.

This is, of course, a huge step forward for this kind of technology. And, it hits all of the major elements of the brand’s ethos: Sustainability, technology, and modern design.

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Nest doubled down with the release of Nest Protect, a combined smoke and carbon monoxide detector with intelligent gesture control and a lighting system that helps you navigate a dark house and also relays messages about the system’s status.

Photograph of the black Nest Protect illuminated to help people navigate their home at night.

Beautiful home photography and product shots on their modern website all play well to develop a clear brand persona and voice.

All in all, Nest has built a coherent and strong brand that reinforces their dedication to better, smarter technology and piece of mind for families.

Home photograph showing Nest products.

Learn and see more at Nest.com.

All photographs from Nest.com.



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