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Business Critical: #EsuranceSave30 Numbers, Pinterest’s Mobile Makeover

Flying Hippo

By Flying Hippo

Business Critical is our weekly collection of what’s new, exciting, and insightful for business leaders from the world of the web, marketing, social media, and more.

Esurance Blows Away Other Advertisers with Their Post-Super Bowl Ad

Did Esurance win the Super Bowl ad competition? Not exactly. But, only because their ad didn’t technically air during the SB — but, immediately following it.

If you didn’t catch it, the online insurance provider touted the fact that it saved $1.5 million by airing an ad following the game rather than during the game. And, then offered to give that savings to a lucky consumer who tweeted their hashtag #EsuranceSave30. The spot was a smashing success, as the hashtag took off instantly and was trending at various levels throughout the week.

The company awarded the money mid-week and offered some massive stats on their campaign:

  • 5.4 million uses of the #EsuranceSave30 hashtag
  • More than 200,000 entries within the first minute of the Esurance commercial airing
  • 1.4 million hashtag uses in the first hour and 4.5 million in the first 24 hours
  • 2.6 billion social impressions on Twitter
  • 332,000 views of the Esurance commercial on YouTube
  • 261,000 new followers on the official Esurance Twitter account—an increase of nearly 3,000 percent
  • A 12x spike in visits to the Esurance website in the first hours of the sweepstakes

Get more details on the campaign from AdWeek.

Pinterest Pins Down a New Mobile Site

The photo-pinning site announced this week that it launched a new mobile experience.

According to their own data, 75% of traffic for the service now comes from native mobile apps. The new site design closely mirrors the look and featureset of iOS and Android apps, creating a unified experience for mobile users.

Of course, this is just the latest indicator of how important mobile browsing experience has become. Americans continue to use phones and tablets for more and more of their browsing activity.

Marketing Land covers the launch of the new site.

Amazon Everywhere?

Photograph of the Amazon Kindle vending machine that appeared in the airport at CES.Joel Mitchell wrote a thought-provoking piece for the Huffington Post this week about the ramifications of Amazon showing off their new Kindle vending machines at CES this year.

As he argues, the idea itself is not what’s novel or interesting about the machines. After all, Apple and Best Buy have already been selling electronics through vending machines for a few years. But, Amazon has its own unique advantages that it can bring to the space. Namely: Data. Lots and lots and lots of consumers data.

So, as Amazon moves forward, their strategy seems to hinge much less on the physical presence of the vending machines, but more on the ubiquitous and connected shopping experience that can tie online shopping behaviors to real-life purchase decisions.

Read Joel’s full write up for more on what Kindle machines might mean for the retail experience.

Top image via Marketing Land.

Photo of Amazon vending machine via The Verge.


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