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5 Types of Web Content to Drive Search Traffic

Flying Hippo

By Flying Hippo

One of the biggest benefits of creating consistent, compelling content for your website is that it helps grow search engine visibility and traffic.

It’s the gas for your inbound marketing strategy — keeping the wheels turning, driving consistent web traffic, and even powering your social media and email marketing. But, what kinds of content will net you the best return?

It may seem like common sense, but many brands struggle with producing content that relates to topics that consumers are searching.

Here are five types of content that will definitely hit home for any consumer in the market for your product or service:

1. Comparisons

What is one of the first things that consumers do when they are shopping for a specific product or service?

They start to shop around, comparing competing companies and brands to determine which solution is right for them. And, where is the first place they go when looking for opinions on competing products/services? Search engines, of course.

Our constant access to the Internet and search engines like Google have fundamentally changed the way that we, as consumers, shop and compare before we make a purchase. At any point in our buying decision, we can quickly run a search and find opinions and information from any one of a number of brands.

Use this an opportunity to help shoppers compare. But, be transparent. Your competitors may shine where you don’t, but hopefully your product will have its own advantages that make it a better choice for many shoppers.

2. Solutions

Research shows that in today’s plugged-in, information-driven marketplace it’s extremely common for consumers to use search engines as their primary source for information to solve problems. How-tos, tutorials, and Q&A content can help you reach these consumers who are looking for solutions. I challenge you to think about the potential problems that face consumers in your industry, and then help them solve those problems with great content.

3. Reviews

Don’t make consumers take your word for it. Reviews are a natural part of the buying process in a connected marketplace. We rely on other consumers to validate our purchase decisions and you can leverage consumer reviews as a valuable content asset to help drive the final purchase decision.

Prominently display reviews on your website — especially glowing reviews from very happy customers. Also, work hard to solicit feedback from your customers, and don’t be afraid to offer small incentives to those who leave product reviews.

You market and sell your product/service all day long, but what if you were reaching consumers as they search for reviews and then leading them to your website to help inform and direct the buying process? Powerful stuff.

4. Awards

Sometimes, there’s a little give and take in your content. You’re an expert in your field, why not give other vendors or manufacturers (probably not competitors) a little pat on the back by starting your own award system?

Take the initiative to recognize others in your industry with an award and they’ll likely write glowing things about your brand, driving traffic back to your site and establishing you as a lead authority in the industry.

5. Industry commentary

Every industry has its gimmicks. We see it every day in the Internet marketing world. Frauds and hacks will prey on the uninformed consumers, take shortcuts, and offer solutions that can’t possibly work. They chip away at the integrity of the entire industry and create confusion in the marketplace that makes it harder for consumers to make the right choices. People scared by these tactics will be looking for answers.

So here’s the question: What are you going to do about it? Are you going to just let it be or are you going to nail your 95 Theses to the church door and call them out? Yes, the latter may garner positive and negative attention from those in your field. But, don’t be afraid to stray from the pack. You’ll establish yourself as a thought leader and a champion for consumers.

These are just a few content ideas that should get your creative content juices flowing. If followed through, these tactics can have a huge impact on your brand, web traffic, and bottom line. If you’re thinking about implementing a content marketing strategy — or need help with your existing content — shoot us an email at info@flyinghippo.com.

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