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To Blog or Not to Blog: 3 Benefits to Business Blogging

Flying Hippo

By Flying Hippo

At the coffee shop this morning, I was chatting with Adam, one of my fellow caffeine freaks.  Amidst sips of our Americanos, the conversation slowly turned to work and how the week was going so far.  His was filled with the usual: spreadsheets, conference calls, spreadsheets, meetings and… more spreadsheets. But, he told me he was exceptionally proud of a new piece of software he had found that was cutting his Excel time in half.   

My week had been a good one. I told him that I had been writing a series of blogs for one of our clients.

He looked a little confused. “But, you work at an ad agency. Why blogging?  Shouldn’t you be doing something more important like creating the next great commercial for tv?”

A lot of people think like Adam. But, the fact is traditional advertising seems to be changing quicker than my favorite barista can make my drink. Seriously. When’s the last time you’ve actually watched a whole commercial break?

A half hour, two more cups of black gold, and a mini lecture on inbound marketing later, my point had been made.  Buyers don’t want to be mass marketed to anymore.  Today’s consumers are actively searching for their wants and needs and one of the most effective ways in attracting these potential leads is with a business blogging strategy.

Here are 3 huge reasons why your business should start…well… business blogging.


Publishing a well written blog can have a dramatic impact on your business over time. If you write just one business blog post today (and with a little help from a great keyword strategy) it will generate attention on the web forever. Imagine the long-term traction and amount of eyeballs your brand would garner if you wrote a blog once a day, or once a week, even.  Remember, you might not see the benefits right away. It could take some time before you see the results you’re looking for.  But, with patience comes great reward.  Just look at these amazing blog success stories.


Blogging is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website.   Think about this stat:  97% of companies who blog receive more visits to their website.  If you make sure that your blogs link back to your main website and your social media profiles, your audience will be better connected to your brand, easily gaining quick access to your services, products and company news. These links will also help improve your SEO ranking making it easier for others to find you.


By using calls-to-action (or CTAs) you are giving your business more opportunities to turn visitors into leads. A call-to-action serves as an invite to your readers for them to take action. They can be slick looking graphic buttons or just plain text. Each CTA could direct to another blog, link to a downloadable resource or provide other valuable information about your company. CTAs are directly connected to forms that gather information from the user. Having this information makes it easier for you to segment those that participated into marketing or sales qualified leads.

Find out how Flying Hippo and inbound marketing can rock your brand!

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