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Patience, Sensei. 3 Keys to Mastering Inbound Marketing

Flying Hippo

By Flying Hippo

So, you want to master inbound marketing? Consider us your Mr. Miyagi. The first thing you must know, grasshopper, is that inbound marketing techniques take patience and dedication. You will see amazing results, and will be able to break through barriers that seemed impossible before… like bricks and boards! Okay, maybe not literal barriers. But over time, you will get new qualified leads and see some major ROI.

As you master your craft, more and more spectators will gather to watch you break bricks and do other cool karate stuff. You will gain a following- fans even- who consider you to be a karate master. But you won’t go from white belt to black belt overnight. To gain that following, you must put time and work into it.

Here are our best tips to become an inbound marketing master, gain fans and earn that black belt. Hi-YAH!

Find your niche

With traditional advertising it is difficult to see instant results and return on investment. Did that billboard actually prompt someone to buy your product or service? Inbound marketing is different because you can monitor which content is the most effective for generating new leads, and you can clearly see what resonates with your audience.

Finding the right niche audience takes time. But finding the right audience is worth the wait. This year’s State of Inbound found that “Inbound-sourced leads are consistently more knowledgeable about the company prior to speaking with a rep than leads sourced through outbound means.” So, it’s important to test your content and make adjustments where you see fit. The more time you spend practicing and tweaking your kicks and punches, the more spectators will want to see you show-off your moves.

Be patient

You just created a ton of content and marketing materials. Super exciting, right?! But now, the less exciting part happens: you have to wait for them to start working. Typically, year two is when the content you’ve built really starts to take off. Don’t be concerned with how the campaign is doing this month, but focus on how the campaign will be performing this month next year.

Think of it as if you were working up the colored-belt levels with the goal of eventually earning your black belt. Creating your inbound strategy is like earning your white belt. You have decided you want to eventually earn your black belt, but there is a long journey ahead to reach your goal. As you move from white to yellow, you will feel like you’re really making progress. And then you realize that there are seven more belts to get before you are a black belt Shodan. But remember, this content process takes time and no one instantly becomes a black belt!


One of the most important aspects in creating an effective inbound strategy is setting goals. You must create a goal system that is metrics-focused and holds you accountable for your campaign progress. We prefer using SMART goals to keep us focused and on track.

SMART stands for


Every campaign needs SMART goals. After all, how will you know when to celebrate reaching your goal if you don’t have any? To create your own SMART goals, use this template.

By using these tactics you will be well on your way to earning your black belt in inbound marketing. Just like the journey to become a black belt, reaching your goals is the most rewarding part. Now, if you want to impress us even more, catch a fly with a pair of chopsticks.

Find out how Flying Hippo and inbound marketing can rock your brand!

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