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Business Critical: Burt’s Bees – Burt is a Real Man, CIA – Follow on Twitter

Flying Hippo

By Flying Hippo

Burt’s Bees – Burt is a Real Man

So, Burt is apparently a real man. Burt Shavitz, a recluse in the backwoods of Maine, and Roxanne Quimby, met and became lovers, in the 80’s, and came up with the idea to sell Burt’s honey, shoe polish and lip balm. Burt, who started beekeeping after his career as a photographer in New York dried up, lives a quiet life in Maine in an old Turkey Co-op, happily.

With some lingering animosity between Shavitz and Quimby, he doesn’t think about the brand on a daily basis. He sold his shares to Quimby, who later sold her shares, making out with about $177 million. Shavitz still makes appearances for the company every once in a while, saying he enjoys meeting new people. An upcoming documentary follows the story of Shavitz and his fame. http://burtsbuzzdoc.com/


CIA – Follow on Twitter

The CIA joined Twitter today, racking up 50,000 followers in 50 minutes. With a clever first tweet, the CIA broke the ice, possibly in an attempt to cover the fact that they may know Twitter all tOo well, through investigative practices.

All that’s left to say, you probably don’t want to be followed by the CIA.


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