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Inbound Marketing Videos: A Growing Trend

Flying Hippo

By Flying Hippo

Inbound Marketing is not new, in fact, the space of companies and agencies utilizing this approach is becoming more and more crowded. As the Inbound Marketing lead here at Flying Hippo, it’s part of my job to pay attention to where inbound marketing is going — and I can sum up what I believe to be the fastest growing inbound trend in one word: video.

It’s interesting to me how quickly inbound has changed, even over the past few years. So many companies and other agencies are using inbound as a successful digital strategy but as more and more people jump on the “inbound bandwagon,” the more difficult it is going to be to cut through all of the noise.

Creative Quality > Quantity.

I firmly believe that over the long term, an emphasis on creative execution and quality is going to trump sheer quantity of content. It’s the brands who commit to this approach that will really tap into the value of inbound marketing as it relates to building a strong digital brand.

Having an entire video production department in-house here at Flying Hippo offers me an interesting component to my inbound toolkit because it allows me to really connect with a brand’s audience on a human level.

Here’s one creative way we are using video in our own inbound marketing efforts:

It can be extremely hard (though not impossible) to convey genuine emotion and personality with content alone. Video forces you to include emotion and personality — which is why I believe it is a vital artery in delivering successful inbound strategies.

Video and inbound marketing together, have the potential to elevate storytelling to an extremely dynamic and human level. As it relates to inbound marketing video strategy, I find the best opportunity for video is where being human with your audience can really move the needle — then you can craft videos around those topics. These are often topics that you and your sales staff are good at explaining in person but struggle to capture in a blog post or whitepaper.

The proof is in the data.

The lifeblood of inbound marketing as a marketing and sales tactic is in the data. The inbound team at Flying Hippo likes to say, “we track everything that moves,” and video is no different. With today’s software and video platforms, analytics are crucial to understanding what exactly your audience cares about. It can be extremely interesting and telling to test and measure how audience engagement varies across different audience types. The more quality videos you have to measure, the better because learning what your audience cares about is critical to making your future content even more effective.

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